Why does this happen?

Great AJR article on how political press seems to make all these pronouncements, but then it turns out to be wrong.

Off Target | American Journalism Review


One Response to “Why does this happen?”

  1. mikegibbs Says:

    I enjoyed the article. I especially agree with the criticism of cable news and the election. A large problem is that viewers love to see to political ‘experts’ battle it out between the parties. It is easy to produce and entertaining. I also enjoyed the comments on “equal time on both sides.” Sometimes two concepts, ideas, issues, arguments are not equal in strength and cohesiveness and reporting should reflect such differences.

    I don’t know what to think about the criticism of younger reporters. It is important to have the experience of covering campaigns and elections; however, to say that new journalists lack context and are only “focused on the next five minutes,” sounds like the same old newsroom hierarchy that we read about in “News Improved.”

    “Reporters, he says, now work harder to answer the wrong questions — who’s winning the daily image and message battle, who’s ahead in the horse race — rather than who’d make the best president.”–This may pose a more ethical or philosophical question. Can we say who will make the best president? I think all we, as reporters, can do is provide information, background and context about each candidate so voters can determine which one best represents their ideas for the country.

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