Too Much News?

I’ve never been a fan of news vacations — the idea of dropping out of the media whirl to give your psyche a break. And this story in the Times doesn’t suggest that. But I do find the idea of a couple, watching TV debates and then Twittering to all their friends during it a little troubling.  Instant information doesn’t mean instant understanding.

Is it too much news or too much punditry? That I can easily take a break from.

Too Much News? –

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2 Responses to “Too Much News?”

  1. kaidelacruz Says:

    “It gives us the stuff that keeps the community together,”

    I like this quote.
    I dont know whether or not too much news is too much. I, myself don’t watch the news everyday. I just so happen to hear it by accident. I like natural news, the type you hear on the go from your friends. Most times it is not instant information, but it’s a shortcut to watching the television.

  2. carolzuegner Says:

    I like your description of natural news. I haven’t seen it described that way before!

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