Thanks spelled out in pepperoni

From left, Maria Becvar, Carol Zuegner, Colleen Seabaugh and Molly Mullen celebrate the last evening of Creightonian production for spring 2010 in the Creightonian newsroom.. Thanks to Orsi's Pizza for spelling out Thanks Carol in pepperoni. Photo by Cassandra Hicks.

I am reminded how blessed and lucky I am to work with college students. While they can be exasperating ( a sentiment they no doubt echo about me), they are endlessly creative, engaging and fun.  I never quite know what to expect when I head into the Creightonian newsroom. Last night, on the last paper of the semester, the staff arranged to have the words “Thanks Carol” spelled out in pepperoni on the end-of-the-semester pizza.

That unusual way of saying thanks pretty well sums up this year’s staff. They often surprise and delight me with their enthusiasm, passion and hard work. It’s always tough to say good bye to each year’s crop of seniors, but this truly has been a special group. I truly believe that each Creightonian staff stands on the shoulders of those who went ahead of them. This year’s staff set the bar really high.

Thanks to them for keeping me excited about journalism and the power of the press, whether in print or online.


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