Do as I say, not as I do

As I make out a syllabus for another semester, I realize that I have to step up my own blogging game. (Oops. Guess I’ve heard a few too many sports shows over the weekend.)

I require the students to blog. I tell them how good it is for their careers, their futures, how they adapt to new technology. And then I don’t blog.

I have this one. I like to write. So why not? Here are two reasons, ones that I have to get around to be a better media role model.

1. I am not sure anyone wants to read what I have to say. The response: You don’t know until you try. My voice/writing/point of view has value. If people don’t like it, disagree, they can click away.

2. I don’t have time. Not a good one. It doesn’t take that long to conceive, write and rewrite a blog post. It’s not the time so much as the allocation of my own resources. Just like those people who are always late: They could be on time. They just choose not to in most instances.  I am trying to get better at that one myself.

Both these reasons seem easy enough to overcome with planning and the decision to take risks.

How do you make yourself blog?


2 Responses to “Do as I say, not as I do”

  1. dakota85 Says:

    You have summed up most of the reasons I still fail to send out more than two updates a season… thanks for the subconscious reminder to keep at the blogging! How are fall courses going? P.S. Think you’ll enjoy the next song on my “Listen” page…

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