Social media 101

I had a great experience meeting with a fascinating variety of small business/retail store owners from Rockbrook Village. We talked social media and, as usual whenever I am teaching something, I always learn a lot.

The session, which was lively, reinforced my own idea that social media is a must for small businesses to build their brands and the idea that small training/coaching sessions to work with these talented but busy people may be the answer.  That’s what I want to start working on.

My own interest in entrepreneurial journalism is fed by these kinds of sessions too. Thanks again for asking me, Rockbrook!


2 Responses to “Social media 101”

  1. E-brasle Says:

    Using social media is a such great way for small businesses to connect with communities. I love when businesses post thought-provoking articles on twitter or facebook and don’t just promote their own services. Business owners are experts in their niche, and it’s always great to hear their ideas. Nice post about the charms of social media!

    • carolzuegner Says:

      Thanks. You bring up a good point. I did talk to them about their own areas of expertise and that blogs and other forms of social media can help them develop those areas.

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