It’s all in the family

My weekend was spent at a family reunion at my mom’s family’s cabin on a small lake right outside Kansas City. My sister Karen got the ball rolling for the reunion, which had been a relatively common event until seven years ago. Everyone got busy and it became difficult, if not impossible, to find a weekend that would work for the four siblings in my family and the six siblings and their kids who make up my cousins.

Some family business got us  all communicating this year.  Karen and I decided to just pick a date and meet up with whomever could make it. We had a terrific turnout with almost everyone able to make it on Saturday or Sunday. And, true to form in a big family, we had a medical emergency (hope Maggie is doing well without her appendix!), assorted football and soccer games and the dreaded homework — in short, life, that kept some away.

It’s fitting to write this post today because it’s my Mom’s birthday. She and her brother Barney spent time at the cabin while they were growing up, just as we did. I know she and Uncle Barney are smiling because all of us got together to share stories and laughter and great food. We exclaimed at how grown-up the little ones are, said prayers of thanksgiving and hope for a brother-in-law fighting cancer and laughed.

Thanks to Karen for arranging the date and Alisa for arranging everything else.

Lauren, the daughter of my cousin, Alisa, and me eating barbecue on Saturday.

Everyone gathered for a group photo on Sunday.


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