Sometimes you do things right and it still doesn’t work

I am not the handiest of people. I come from a long line of those who would rather ignore home repair or don’t hesitate to call someone to fix it or paint it. I admire those who tackle the projects themselves. Despite those genetic traits, I had thought I was OK at painting. Slowly, I’ve removed wallpaper and painted many of the rooms in my house.

But I always liked the wall paper in my downstairs bathroom. It was a little over the top for me, but it looked good.

I decided to paint that bathroom ceiling to get rid of some old water spots. I blithely taped the wall, spackled, sanded, washed down, primed and painted with good paint. I was feeling pretty good — though wondering how Michelangelo ever painted the Sistine Chapel.

Time to take down my carefully applied blue tape. Yikes. My wallpaper. The only wallpaper I liked in my house is coming with it. So instead of a nice white ceiling and nice wallpaper, there’s a white ceiling and some torn off pieces of wallpaper all around the ceiling line.

I’m mad at myself for not thinking that might happen. though most of the time, the wallpaper in my house has taken industrial-strength scraping to get it off.

This makes me think of writing in that sometimes you write, you follow the rules and the model, and yet your piece still doesn’t work. You can’t be too careful or too meticulous. Sometimes, I’m neither. It’s what I need to work on in many areas of my life. I’ll start with cleaning up all of the painting gear and go from there.

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