Keeping up the conversation with students

I am an avid Twitter user and espouser, as my students in social media and all my classes can attest. One of my favorite parts of Twitter is the ability it gives you to stay connected to students.

In the past week, I’ve gotten comments on the books I’ve chosen for a fall class, a note from a former editing student who says she now is an grammar and punctuation ninja at work and comments from former students wishing they could be in class jammin’ to Justin Bieber (students chose the songs) when my social media class tried out

Today a former student tweeted that she almost wrote a question lead, but she could see me in her mind’s eye, suggesting other options. (She had me shaking my finger at her, which makes me feel a little old, but it’s probably an accurate mental picture.)

Former students also respond to various calls for advice, help and suggestions for current students. Yes, I do like continuing the conversations. #jmcawesome.


2 Responses to “Keeping up the conversation with students”

  1. Danny Schreiber Says:

    Not only do you keep it up but you create. I’d say I have a stronger relationship with you now than I did in college, and I’d give Twitter some of that credit for constant interaction.

    Great post. Keep up the awesomeness.

  2. carolzuegner Says:

    Thanks, Danny. Good encouragement for me to also keep blogging as I insist the students do. Talk the talk and walk the walk.

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