Technology 1, Carol 0

I had it out with technology this weekend and technology won. I had hoped to participate in the Blog-a-thon for the Nebraska Humane Society. I was traveling to Kansas City for a family wedding (Congrats, Brandon and Abby — it was a terrific wedding. You both glowed with happiness), but we’re wired and wireless. I’ve got an iPhone, iPad and time to spare.

I had those things, but connectivity didn’t work so well. And really, what did I expect from hotel wifi? And working on the iPad? I need more work.

But now, I’m in the hotel business center. I am going to try to make this work. It’s a simple message, technology or no technology. A donation to the Nebraska Humane Society, big or small, can help. My own little best friend, Sadie, is an NHS alum. Without the organization’s work and care, Sadie might not be here. So thanks to all at the Nebraska Humane Society.
Technology once again is getting in the way of me adding the donation link. Go to Nebraska Humane Society, check out the wonderfully creative and informative blogs that are part of the Blog-a-thon and donate!

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