What is my sentence?

As part of my social media class I’ve asked the students to follow Daniel Pink’s advice and write their sentence. It’s like a mission statement or what sums you up. I want to write my own sentence, but it’s tough.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

I teach and every day try to practice the idea that the power of telling people’s stories accurately, colorfully, compassionately in any medium can help change the world.

That’s a strong sentence. And my students probably think: “Hey, that’s not what I hear from her every day.” They hear: “What’s AP style? Use commas correctly. Where’s the nut graf? How many sources have you talked to? Don’t miss deadlines. Plan. Work hard.

Through all of those statements, I’m trying to show students that every person’s story is important. We owe it to people to tell them accurately. We can use journalism to make the world a better place. We can treat our sources like people and recognize that every story is important to someone.


It’s snowing on my blog

I’m glad the snow is back. Thanks, WordPress.

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I fear this is too true

the Newsosaur’s grim prediction of journicide – the loss of an entire generation of journalists is dire. I like to be a bit more optimistic, but I have no solution. We need news and information and there’s value added from journalists providing the stories that we live by. I wish there were a way to fairly compensate journalists.

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Opal fruits, full stops and new punctuation marks

After an assignment of reading “Eats, Shoots and Leaves,” I challenged my students to come up with new punctuation marks that would fill in the areas not covered by commas, colons and semi-colons. Not surprisingly, suggestions focused on how to make text messages and e-mail messages more clear. One of the best today came from Lyndsay Nystrom, who suggested a way to indicate more letters in a word to help denote sarcasm. Her example:Riiiiiiight. The idea: Use exponents.  Ri^9ght.  Hmmm. ( Or should that be Hm^2). Maybe this needs a little work. I need to find exponents on this dashboard.