From the other side of the classroom

I’m taking a class this semester, something I try to do every so often to learn a new aspect of journalism or design or, in this case, computer programming. The very basics of computer programming in Computers and Scientific Thinking.

I love taking classes because I love learning new things. My head actually hurt today when I was trying to wrap my mind around the speed of a computer processing chip.

Being a student has an added advantage in that I think it will make me a better professor. It’s good to take a seat in the student section and see what it’s like. I’m lucky to have a prof like Dr. Dave Reed. He is organized, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and funny.

I’ve found that having to do homework, study, pay attention in class and worry about tests makes me look at how I teach in a different way.  I know it will help make me a better professor.

How am I as a student? I’m engaged, talkative (there could be eye-rolling from some in the class as I raise my hand and comment on almost everything…), but I tend to be late (ouch… I really frown on that in my class).

Lesson learned.