I love my classes

There, I said it. I usually do at some point because I do love the classes I get to teach. Even going over AP Style for the millionth time makes me happy.  I think I like the variety in my classes from the nuts and bolts of editing to the possibility of story in feature writing to figuring out the American value system and how that system is portrayed in mass media.

Each class pushes me in a different direction. How to make punctuation fascinating? (Haven’t quite figured that out yet.) How to coach students to come up with original, compelling story ideas? How to show what journalism could be and what its power is among the superficial, entertainment-drenched, talking-head news?

I guess I’d better get busy for Thursday.


The Stylebook is your friend

I have some proof for this, thanks to my editing students. Though the promise of extra credit may have spurred their actions, I’m still laughing about them. One student, Michelle, had her yearbook picture taken with her AP Stylebook. Another, Krista, posted a Facebook photo with her AP Stylebook prominently displayed. A mix of traditional and new media. Thanks to Michelle and Krista for making me laugh. And for providing me with guilt trips for future students.

National Grammar Day

I’m very disappointed this occurred over spring break. I had to celebrate in a low-key way.  And we should celebrate good grammar every day!

National Grammar Day: Brought to you by the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar